Our Values

Vortx lives by a set of simple company values we’re proud to uphold.

Build Excellent Products

When selling online, nothing is more important than to serve the shopper. We have watched the changes in shopping behavior and built solutions that are simply the smartest way to sell online .

Act with Integrity

In our work and in our play, we demand of ourselves and each other that we should always fill our lives with integrity.

Create Massive Value

Whatever we charge for our products, the cost is always less than the value delivered. We proudly build software that honors this principle.

Achieve Win/Win Outcomes

We build products for online retailers. The products we build create an ideal shopping experience and increase sales. When you win, we win.

Maximize Stakeholder Value

"Stakeholders" include every person and every organization who cares that Vortx is in business. Think about it: Our customers need us to be here tomorrow, of course, but so does the janitorial service we use, our staff, the tax man, partners who depend on our technology, our customer's customer, and many, many others. We believe that the greater our awareness of all of these stakeholders, the stronger we are as a company, and the better are the products we build.

The guy who inspires us to deliver against these core values:

Dana Greaves
Founder & Chairman

Dana founded the company in 1991, delivering custom software solutions to business and government organizations in the United States and abroad. 

He authored and co-authored a number of bestselling programming books for Que Corporation, and led industry think-tanks, user groups, and leading-edge Silicon Valley technology companies.

With over 25 years of experience in the software arena, Dana leads the Vortx team with a passion for excellence in technical innovation. "I cut my teeth in production software environments at Borland, Novell, and Microsoft, then found an even greater passion in producing inspired solutions for those who sell online and demand more than 'me-too' software. We build stunning products that are thoughtful and forward-thinking. Our recent thrust into distributed, multi-channel, social selling is way ahead of more traditional e-commerce products, and we are deeply proud of that." Dana says.