College Stores

Introduced in 2009, eRATEX has been rapidly adopted by 80% of our clients and is now powering over 60 major college store e-commerce sites.

In addition to being real-time integrated with VisualRATEX, the platform provides high-end visualizations of products, custom store branding and powerful tools to attract and retain customers.

We are regularly integrating features that further connect the store to its customers and provide capabilities to compete with non-store competitors.

eRATEX features:

  • Store Branded
  • Real-time VisualRATEX Integration
  • Course List Pages
  • Textbook Rentals and eBook Support
  • Integration with Verba Applications
  • Leverage UPS and FedX interfaces
  • Automatic Credit Card Processing
  • Support for Campus Card and AR Payments
  • Coupons, discounts and On-Sale Features
  • Integrated Order fulfillment Module