Best-Practices Review

Price: $1,000.00

Let us review your storefront and present to you on your quickest, easiest ways to improve your selling success.

Our best-practices review revolves around a checklist of essential questions about your store.

Questions like:

  • Does your home page help visitors find what they want, quickly enough?
  • Are primary pages SEO-friendly?
  • Is inventory being tracked? Can shoppers easily see what's in stock?
  • How easy is it to search, or navigate to, a product?
  • Are any of your 'hidden' pages in need of styling?
  • Does your checkout work well?
  • Are you avoiding the leading reasons for abandonment?

Once we run through the questions (we can get most answers without disrupting your day, but we might need to ask you a few things) ... then we will report back to you on our findings and point out the things you should be most anxious to fix. Many things you will be able to solve all by yourself - we'll certainly be looking for affordable and effective ways for you to make improvements.