Storefront Business Solutions

    Build an eCommerce Business
    Offered by:Vortx, Inc.
    Vortx brings you the opportunity to build an online business for an unlimited group of merchants. This is an ideal basis for:
    • Distributors, for dealer networks
    • Trade / Buying groups with common storefront needs
    • Software providers, for whom eCommerce enhance the offering
    • Manufacturers, for retailers to move online
    • Developers, offering a white-label SaaS platform
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    College Stores
    Offered by:Ratex
    Ratex represents Independent College Stores. Storekeepers enjoy eRatex for:
    • Real-time VisualRATEX Integration
    • Textbook Rentals and eBook Support
    • Integration with Verba Applications
    • Support for Campus Card Payments
    • Discounts and On-Sale Features
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    Exquisite Swimwear
    Offered by:TOGS Swimwear
    TOGS Swimwear specializes in creating highest quality swimwear styles which not only flatter women's bodies but are also unbelievably comfortable.
    • Designed by Suzie Gennari
    • Flattering cuts and styles
    • Enjoyed by women around the world
    • Swimsuits which help women exude femininity and sensuality
    • New retailers sought, worldwide
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    Musical Instruments
    Offered by:Tri-Technical Systems
    Tri-tech offers drop shipping and invaluable tools for music stores across the nation.
    • Integrated point-of-sale
    • Online instrument rentals
    • Inventory & pricing management
    • Online rental payment systems
    • B2B and B2C eCommerce
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    Promotional Marketing
    Offered by:MPC Promotions
    We provide a shopping cart that includes:
    • 10,000 products
    • High-end brands
    • Customized promotional items
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    Prophet 21/eCommerce
    Offered by:MindHarbor

    MindHarbor ~ look no further for the ultimate 'middleware' between Epicor's Prophet 21 and AspDotNetStorefront's excellent eCommerce. MindHarbor will be your consultant, your advisor, your technician and your expert.

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    Shooting Sports
    Offered by:Vortx, Inc.
    Product Catalogs from:
    • Sports South
    • RSR
    • Ellett Bros (coming soon
    The shooting sports industry has unique requirements. We provide a shopping cart that includes:
    • Drop-shipping
    • FFL locator
    • MAP/UPP pricing
    • Easy checkout
    • Split shipping
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    Wine & Wineries
    Offered by:Orion Wines
    Orion hosts some of the most prominent wine brands on the planet. Here's why:
    • Wine Shipping
    • Wine Club Special Pricing
    • Integrated Point-of-Sale
    • Inventory & Pricing Management
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